A professional interior paint job is the quickest and least expensive way to improve the look, feel, and value of your home.

Your home is probably your biggest asset, so you should always hire a professional painting contractor. When you shop for a pro, it’s important to understand the factors that influence the cost of interior painting services.

Here are the three main cost factors: size, labour, and materials.


Why size matters

The larger your home, the greater the number of rooms, which means more corners, more trim, and more doors. A professional paint job can typically cost anywhere from $1.50 to more than $3.50 per square foot of house.


Why do I pay so much for labour?

You’re hiring a skilled tradesman because you want a professional job that looks great and will last. Your professional painter doesn’t just slap on new paint. Doing a good job involves a lot of preparation, and quality preparation is the key to a superb paint job that will last for years. 

Here are some of the factors influencing the cost of labour in addition to the painting itself:



Before starting the job, your contractor invests time in planning the equipment and materials they will need, and then picking them up.



It takes time to assemble materials and equipment at your home. They also must place protective coverings wherever needed.



This is where most do-it-yourselfers fail.

The amount of prep work will vary from job to job, but it must be done well. Walls must be cleaned, scraped, sanded, and patched so that the surfaces to be painted are smooth and so that the new paint can adhere properly. Some areas may require spot priming to ensure adhesion and to ensure that the new colour will hide the existing colour.

Tape must be meticulously applied to areas where colours change, such as baseboards and trim, or to protect areas that aren’t going to be painted, like windows and light fixtures.

Gaps in the baseboards, crown moulding, and around trim must be caulked.



Once the job is done, your contractor will remove all the tape and protective coverings and make sure that there aren’t any drips anywhere. They also have to clean up and remove all their equipment.


What are my material costs?

Paint quality can vary considerably, and better paint costs more. Most interiors are painted with latex paint with an eggshell finish, but homeowners can choose other finishes. A gallon of paint can run from $35 to $90.

Don’t cheap out on your paint selection. Cheap paint is more likely to peel or fade, which defeats the purpose of beautifying your home. Buy the best pain that your budget allows.


Other factors that influence the cost of interior painting services

Your contractor uses spray equipment, brushes, rollers, scrapers, sanding equipment, caulk, tape, and a variety of protective coverings when they perform interior painting services. The more they need, the greater your cost.

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