Why You Need A  Popcorn Ceiling Removal  Service

    Popcorn ceilings have been a stylish feature in homes for many decades. Today, they are generally considered both unaesthetic and potentially dangerous. There are several reasons why homeowners now choose to get popcorn ceiling removal services. Popcorn ceilings were previously constructed using asbestos, and if your ceiling has been damaged or exposed, the asbestos may be dangerous. Popcorn ceilings are no longer in style; they look outdated. If you want to make your home appear more modern, consider getting rid of your popcorn ceiling. Popcorn ceilings are difficult to repair, they break down over time, and attract dust, making them an inconvenient option for homes. 

    Our Popcorn Ceiling Removal  Project  In Richmond Hill

    Arkady’s Painting offers popcorn ceiling removal services in Richmond Hill. For this project, the client reached out to us because they wanted to update the overall aesthetic of their current home. When originally purchased, the home came with popcorn ceilings and after a while it started to look dirty and outdated. The client wanted to make their home look more appealing and modern with smooth ceilings.

    There are many benefits in choosing to get rid of your old popcorn ceilings, the upkeep and maintenance of popcorn ceilings are challenging. If you have a crack in your ceiling or water damage from a room above, it will be nearly difficult to match the popcorn exactly. It will be apparent no matter how well you match the existing popcorn because your eyes will always be drawn to that area as it will look like a mismatched patch. With our experienced team, we can perform the removal process efficiently and professionally. When we finally removed all of the popcorn ceiling from this Richmond Hill home, the space seemed considerably brighter because the texture on the ceiling stopped absorbing light rays and stopped making the area appear darker. 

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    What’s The  Process  For Removing A Popcorn Ceiling?

    We have a five-step procedure. We clear the furniture from the room, cover the walls and floor area with plastic, apply a liquid solution to loosen up the deep layers of popcorn, then scrape away carefully to achieve a smooth surface then we inspect to see if any patching, and repairing of the ceiling is necessary. After making sure that the ceiling is completely dry, we sand it. The last stage of the procedure is to apply a fresh coat of paint. We use primer and ceiling-specific paint to obtain long-lasting and aesthetically beneficial results. We take pride in our efforts and want you to be happy with the finished result, so we work as clean as possible. Once we were done with this project in Richmond Hill, the customer was quite pleased with the work performed, as well as the space’s appearance.

    Questions From Our Customers in Richmond Hill

    How Much Will It Cost To Have Popcorn Ceiling Removed In Richmond Hill?

    The cost per square foot ranges from $5 to $10. There are a few variables that influence the price, such as If your popcorn ceiling contains a lot of existing asbestos, the cost of the service will be higher. The height of the ceiling will also affect the overall cost for the removal service. 

    Should I remove the popcorn ceiling in my home by myself?

    Popcorn ceiling removal is time-consuming and messy work – so hiring a professional may be more cost-effective than trying to remove it yourself. Give us a call and let us give you a hand!

    Is popcorn ceiling removal expensive?

    The cost of removing popcorn ceilings varies depending on how much is being removed, the condition of your ceiling to be removed, and whether any mold remediation is needed.

    Is popcorn removal messy?

    Since we are spraying a special solution onto your ceiling, there’s sure to be some mess during the process. Spray solution doesn’t dry quickly, so we will have to take measures to contain the mess such as covering floor space, walls and furniture.

    Is popcorn ceiling removal worth it?

    Popcorn ceilings don’t have the same impact or need as they once used to. Due to both aesthetic and health concerns, many homeowners are opting to remove their old popcorn ceilings and are upgrading their space to a more modern look.