Why You Need A  Popcorn Ceiling Removal  Service

    Popcorn ceilings once used to be a very popular feature in homes. Today, they are generally considered both unattractive and even hazardous. There are several reasons for why people now opt in for popcorn ceiling removal services. Popcorn ceilings were previously constructed using asbestos, and if your ceiling has been damaged or exposed, the asbestos could pose a serious health risk. Popcorn ceilings are outdated, and they detract from the appearance of a property. If you want to make your home seem more modern, removing your popcorn ceiling is an excellent place to start. Popcorn ceilings are difficult to repair, break down over time, and attract dust which makes them an impractical choice for today’s homes. 

    Our Popcorn Ceiling Removal  Project  In Vaughan

    A homeowner in Vaughan reached out to us regarding our popcorn ceiling removal service because they are preparing to sell their property. Today’s home buyers prefer the appearance of smooth ceilings, and if the house they are purchasing has popcorn ceilings, they frequently opt in to have it removed before moving in. It can also be a dealbreaker for some buyers. Our client did not want to have any delays in being able to successfully sell the property. Minus the fact that it can potentially be harmful to your home and health, hiring professionals such as ourselves to perform popcorn ceiling removal services have many other benefits. 

    For example, once we successfully removed all the popcorn ceiling from this Vaughan home, the property seemed much brighter because the previous texture on the ceiling absorbed shadows from light, making the rooms appear darker. The upkeep and maintenance of popcorn ceilings are also difficult. It will be nearly impossible to match the popcorn precisely if you ever have a crack in your ceiling or water damage from a room above. It will be obvious, no matter how well you match the existing popcorn and your eye will always be drawn to that area and as a result, it draws attention to a region where water damage may have existed and questions arise whether the problem has been fully fixed while trying to sell your property. With our experienced team, we can perform the removal process efficiently and professionally. 

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    What’s The  Process  For Removing A Popcorn Ceiling?

    We have a 5 step process. We clear the area of furniture, cover the walls and floor space, we use a liquid solution to loosen up the deep layers of the popcorn and then the popcorn ceiling is scraped away carefully, to guarantee a smooth surface, we examine, patch, and repair the ceiling as needed, we make sure the ceiling is completely dry and then we prepare to paint by sanding the surface. The final step of the process is to apply a fresh coat of paint. To achieve long-lasting and visually appealing results, we use primer and ceiling-specific paint. We take pride in our work and we like to ensure that we work clean so that our clients are satisfied and do not have to face any inconvenience once the project is done. Our client in Vaughan was very satisfied with the job and the space looked great and was ready to be put on the market! 

    Questions From Our Customers in Vaughan

    How Much Will It Cost To Have Popcorn Ceiling Removed In Vaughan?

    The cost per square foot ranges from $5 to $10. There are a few variables that influence the price, such as If your popcorn ceiling contains a lot of existing asbestos, the cost of the service will be higher. The height of the ceiling will also affect the overall cost for the removal service.

    Can I remove the popcorn ceiling in my home by myself?

    Popcorn ceiling removal is time-consuming and messy work – so hiring a professional may be more cost-effective than trying to remove it yourself. Give us a call and let us give you a hand!

    Is popcorn ceiling removal expensive?

    The cost of removing popcorn ceilings varies depending on how much is being removed, the condition of your ceiling to be removed, and whether any mold remediation is needed.

    Is popcorn ceiling removal worth it?

    Popcorn ceilings just don’t have the same effect that they used to. Many homeowners are choosing to remove their old popcorn ceilings, due to aesthetic and health reasons.

    Is popcorn removal messy?

    Since we are spraying a special solution onto your ceiling, there’s sure to be some mess during the process. Spray solution doesn’t dry quickly, so we will have to take measures to contain the mess such as covering floor space, walls and furniture.